How does Spiny work?

Convierte tu bici en eléctrica cuando quieras!

Electrifica tu bici

Forget about spending thousands of euros on an electric bicycle. Continue using your favorite bicycle but with the comfort and ease that your Spiny offers you.

Take your Spiny everywhere

Your Spiny always sleeps at home, so you won't have to leave it outside. It is light and fits perfectly in any backpack. No more worrying about leaving your e-bike on the street.


Spiny adapts to any type of urban bicycle. It is installed very easily (we will help you) and you can remove it with just one movement.

Less efforts, More Benefits

Tu bicicleta con mucho menos esfuerzo

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Spiny is easy to install and remove. In just 5 seconds you have your e-bike ready to pedal

Connected to a simple app

If you want to change the power, speed or check the charge of your Spiny you can do it from your mobile phone by downloading our app

Range of 15-40km

Charge your Spiny in just 4 hours and enjoy the whole day effortlessly.


+ Power

Experience the power of our high-efficiency Brushless motor. Its 250W will make your trips light and fast.

+ Autonomy

Con una autonomía que varía entre 15 y 40 Km, Spiny te da la energía necesaria para llegar a tu destino. Pudiendo recargarlo en tan solo 4h.

+ Speed

Spiny offers a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h, making it a safe option that complies with EU regulations, guaranteeing a responsible and comfortable trip.
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Our Clients

Spiny has changed my life. Now I use the bike a lot more and it helps me a lot with the slopes in Barcelona. I recommend it 100%

Carla García

I was thinking about buying an electric bike and came across Spiny. I definitely decided to try it and I LOVED it. I always take it home and leave the bike on the street.

Marta Pascual

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Cómo realizo el pago?

A través de nuestra web simplemente tienes que elegir el plan de compra o suscripción que prefieras, rellenar tus datos y pagar. Después tendrás la opción de reservar una cita para pasarte por uno de nuestros Puntos Spiny el día y hora que mejor te venga para que te instalemos el dispositivo.

¿Se me cobra todo el importe de golpe?

No, tanto con la compra como con la suscripción, recibirás diferentes cargos mensuales en función del plan que elijas. Para la compra podrás dividir el importe en 6 cuotas mensuales, para que empieces a disfrutar de tu Spiny desde ya.

What happens if my Spiny is stolen?

Spiny does not offer an anti-theft guarantee, as the device is not intended to be left on the street. You should always take it with you. That's why it's so easy to put on and take off.

What happens if I have an incident?

Call us or write to us via WhatsApp to report any incident and we will resolve it for you within 24-48 hours or we will ask you to stop by our Spiny store to solve the problem.

Is it suitable for any bicycle?

Spiny adapts to any urban bike. You simply have to install the device on the frame of your bike and the roller will automatically adapt to your wheel.

¿Tengo que ir a recoger mi Spiny?

Sí. Tras realizar el pago a través de nuestra web, te contactaremos para decirte el punto Spiny más cercano al que podrás pasar a recoger tu nuevo dispositivo.

Estamos disponibles en todas las ciudades de España.

Can I leave my Spiny on the street?

Spiny does not offer an anti-theft guarantee if you leave the device on the street, as it has a high value and is easy to steal if it is anchored to the bike. Our recommendation is that whenever you leave your bike parked you take your Spiny with you.

¿Tiene garantía?

Sí. Con tu Spiny ofrecemos 2 años de garantía para que no tengas que preocuparte de ningún problema. Si el dispositivo deja de funcionar, simplemente tienes que llevarlo a uno de nuestros puntos Spiny para que lo reparen o te den uno nuevo.


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