Your body will never again be the limit for pedaling.

If you have pain, have undergone an operation, or simply physical wear and tear, our Kit will help you enjoy the bicycle as in your best times without having to buy an electric one.

Trade sweat and effort for a pleasant effortless walk

Spiny will help you on the most tiring days, so you can rediscover the pleasure of pedaling your bike.


Spiny is designed to fit almost any bike model.
If it is not compatible, we will refund your money.


Touring Bikes


Beach Bikes


Classic Fixie Bikes


Old school bicycles


Fixie Bikes


What is Spiny?

Spiny is a device that converts any bicycle into electric, facilitating a transition
efficient and safe towards more sustainable mobility.

What benefits does Spiny offer?

With Spiny, you can pedal faster and with less effort. Convert your bike to electric for much less than what one would cost you.

You will have both types of bicycles in one. The same bicycle for different people and times of use.

Is my bike compatible with Spiny?

Yes, Spiny adapts to almost any bicycle model, offering wide compatibility. If you have questions, you can contact our team.

If you buy the Spiny and it doesn't fit, you can return it for free and without problems.

How do you install Spiny?

Installation is quick and easy, less than 2 minutes for the first installation and less than 30 seconds to install and remove later.

With the purchase, you will receive a guide on how to do it in 3 extremely easy and quick steps. Suitable for anyone.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

We offer free return for the first month if you are not satisfied with Spiny.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, the Spiny conversion kit has a 3-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

You have more questions?

Visit our frequently asked questions section here .

If your question is not resolved, contact us.

Personalized advice

Call +34 603509746 to speak with an expert.

1 Month Trial

If you are not convinced by Spiny, we will refund your money.

3 Year Warranty

We replace the product in case of malfunction.