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Alicante, 2020

Spiny was founded in 2020 by Marco, Ivan and Maximiliano. Since then they have made life easier for +600 people.

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How did Spiny come about?

Hello! I'm Marco, and I'm going to tell you how I saved my uncle Jordi from anxiety and helped him regain his passion for cycling. He has always been a passionate cyclist, but he began to suffer from his knee and found it difficult to keep up with his friends. This generated great frustration for him and he ended up quitting cycling. Retired, he became more sedentary and his health worsened.

The whole family was affected, seeing how they lost their energy and spirit. We decided to give him a kit to convert his normal bicycle into an electric one, but the result was a disaster. It didn't fit the bike well and didn't generate enough power. With his head bowed, he left the bike again.


As an engineer, I decided to create an improved kit myself. After 12 tests, I managed to design one that allowed you to use the bicycle with less than half the effort, as if you were always pedaling downhill. I gave it to my uncle and when he tried it, his face totally changed.

I encouraged him to try a short route and he returned with a smile of disbelief and excitement. The next day, he was already doing routes with his friends as before, and even had to wait for them at times. Since then, he has been cycling almost every day for two years, his doctor has taken him off the pills and he has returned to excellent health.

The success of the kit spread among his friends, and I created 10 more, which sold out in two days. I decided to make 100 more, which also sold very quickly.

Now, a few years later, we have professionalized this product by creating SPINY, where we have already helped +600 people to make their lives easier.